Seraphim Says Hello

Seraphim Says Hello

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(Top) Ten Things Dogs Bring into our Lives.

Day two of the 31DBB challenge, day one’s challenge (for those who are interested) was posted in my about me. It was an elevator pitch, today its a list. An easy to read, fast talking…list.


As anyone who owns a dog will know there are several things in life a dog brings you, I’m just going to list the top ten (if you will) of the things that my dogs bring to the table everyday. Whether I want them to or not.

1) Every morning is a beautiful day attitude – I’ve never seen a dog wake up in a complete bad mood (well Butter seems to when she’s slept inside her kennel all night while camping…but I think its just because Seraphim decided to use the kennel as a pillow). They’re always happy to see you, and want to start the day off by being completely goofy.

2) A reminder to go out for a walk – I admit I slack. I tell myself ‘get off the couch…’ but half the time I also tell myself to shut up and watch another rerun. Dogs make it so you can’t just tell yourself to watch more t.v. they need that walk, and as much as I hate to admit it, so do I.

3) You can finally blame someone else for your lost keys.

4) Who else will appreciate the fact that you can’t throw a Frisbee all that straight?

5) They’re great ice breakers – If you’re standing outside a store with your dog attached to your wrist, its almost a guaranteed conversation starter (what breed, how old?).

6) Added feeling of security – My husky is the biggest baby out there, the neighbor’s sprinkler scares her for whatever reason. But when Sheldon is working nights I feel safe knowing I have the giant baby there to protect me from whatever lurks outside.

7) Undying loyalty and love – Dogs are great friends, they’ll never tell your secrets or start rumors, just give you undying loyalty and love.

8) Amusement – Dogs are great for amusement, just watch a puppy play first thing in the morning, you’ll know what I mean.

9) A happy face greeting you at the door – If you’re like me, you work different shifts than your loved one. My animals are weird, even the cats greet me at the door (though really I think its because Winnie ate the food so there’s the bottom of the dish showing for the cats again). Who doesn’t enjoy being greeted at the door happily though?

10) A reminder to live life fully – My dogs are always on the go, always wanting to play more. I never see them for a second living life with regrets or worries, simply just doing what they do best. Living.

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