Seraphim Says Hello

Seraphim Says Hello

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oops, were those your Shoes Mom?

Normally our husky convinces us that she can sleep in the room, her eyes are big and round and she seems to draw a tear at the thought of climbing the stairs to our attic where her kennel currently is. I know I know even I said don’t let your puppy in training sleep with you, but in my own defense she is mostly trained, we’re refining (or at least that’s what I keep assuring myself).

With us usually sleeps my cat Chrono, and sometimes Lokie will sneak in too, so our small queen sized bed seems rather crowded. On a good day if I sleep just right my feet don’t hang off of the short bed (we actually got it out of our camper, because the bed in the camper was better than ours. Go figure eh?), on a normal day I’m fighting with Chrono for room on the bed, and telling Seraphim to share the pillows with Sheldon.

The other night I left shoes in the room, we had gone out and they were good shoes. I didn’t think anything of it (Sheldon leaves his shoes where ever he pleases all the time) and went to sleep peacefully. However I woke in the morning to Sheldon’s sing song angry voice telling me that the dog had done something.

Preparing myself for a pile of something unpleasant our husky left us, I was mildly surprised to see my once sparkly, beautiful shoe only a tattered mess of straps and wood. I grabbed my shoe and looked at the dog who was staring back at me proudly with a piece of the strap hanging out of her goofy smile. Sheldon was almost crying from laughter, he could see that I was in an utter struggle to yell at the dog for ruining my shoes, and laughing at the stupidity of my own thoughts.

Finally I kicked the dog out of the room and cleaned up the shoes muttering about how they were a good pair, expensive, and that now I needed to replace them and how could she possibly do this to me? Sheldon was just shaking his head the entire time as he took our husky out for her normal run in the yard.

Ironically Sheldon’s shoes remain untouched in the room, I’m wondering what he did to them, and when Butterball had grabbed his sock and he was chasing her around the house trying to get it I felt as though revenge had almost been sought. The lesson learned here is simple, expensive shoes are not only trendy, and very comfortable, but apparently they make great doggy chew toys.

As for my heels, they’re up on the shelf not on the floor. The eaten pair has been put to rest, and a dog bone now resides permanently in my bedroom under the bed in efforts to keep the dog’s habit contained.

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